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Safronov Nikas

The Professor of the Ulyanovsk university, the Academician of the International academy of arts, the Honourable doctor of the Azerbaijan state university of culture and arts, since 2004 - the full member of Academy of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.
Safronov Nikasa's pictures are the most desired for collectors of all world. And we are glad, that we can offer work of this outstanding artist of the present.

Was born:
In April, 8th, 1956 in a Ulyanovsk (Russia). At present lives in Moscow.

Education and work:
Studied in the Vilnius art institute.
Has finished faculty of psychology of the Moscow state university.
The professor of the Ulyanovsk university.
The academician of the International academy of arts.
The honourable doctor of the Azerbaijan state university of culture and arts.
Since 2004 - the full member of Academy of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

The art-director of magazine " America ", the main artist of the Russian edition of magazine " Penthouse ", the main artist of magazine " Moscow and Muscovites ", the art-director of magazine " the MONOLITH the digest ".

Participation in exhibitions:
The constant participant of numerous charitable auctions and the exhibitions arranged by various international funds.
It is possible to speak about Nikasa Safronov's personal exhibitions much, but I shall tell one, that each showroom and a museum for honour to expose its work.

Titles and awards:
The Gold medal of the American academy of sciences and arts (1996.)
The Honourable citizen of Ulyanovsk.
Scientists from the USA in constellation Andromedi name the Star Nikasa Safronov's by name (1996.)
In 1998 receives a title of the Most secular artist. Sacred Konstantin Velikogo's international award, sacred Stanislav's award, sacred Anna's award of 2 degrees, the Gentleman of the Russian award Patrons of art (2003), " the Knight of a science and art " the Russian Academy of natural sciences (2003), Gratitude and gold hours from the President of the Russian Federation (2001.) " Kreator- 2002 ", " the Person-year - 2002 " in a nomination "Culture", Russian biographic institute.
In 2004 Nikas has entered in " the Annals of nice names and acts in the name of Russia ". Of Cambridge names the international Biographic Center Nikas " the Best international artist of 2004 " and awards to it a honorary title " the Alive Legend ".
The American Biographic institute the Person of year - 2004 " with the subsequent inclusion of its name in the encyclopedia " Leading intellectuals of the world " in section " Ingenious elite " has appropriated it a rank ", and per 2005 its name is included in the World book of Knowledge in section " 100 leading world artists of end XX - the beginnings of XXI centuries ", awarded " Da Vinci's Diamond " for an outstanding contribution to the modern art.
for active creative activity in November, 2005 Nikas Safronov awarded a medal " In the name of Russia ".

To return Russia the status of Spiritual Power, to revive cultural traditions of Russian spiritual heritage.

Under this reference you can pass in gallery of pictures Safronov Nikas.

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