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Pojaganov Aleksej

Was born:
In 1950 in a city Gorkij (Nizhni Novgorod). Lives in Russia, (St.-Petersburg).

Art education and work:
In 1972 has arrived on is picturesque-pedagogical branch of Gorki art school which has ended in 1976.
In 1978 has arrived to Leningrad (St.-Petersburg).
Worked as the set dresser on Lenfilm.
Participated in registration of a film "Torpedo bombers" (director-director Aranovich S.D.).
Participated in registration and shootings of a film of D.Svetozarova "a Crime and punishment".
Now an artist to workthe set dresser of the Maryinsky Theater of an opera and ballet (St.-Petersburg).

1987 – the Showroom of a recreation centre "Neva" (St.-Petersburg), with group "Island"
1988 – Showroom ЛОСХА (St.-Petersburg), with group TEII
1988 – Gallery "Art harbour" (St.-Petersburg). «From informal art to reorganisation»
1990 – the Diaghilev's international centre, the Marble palace (St.-Petersburg)
1990 – Gallery "Тегнерлунген", Stockholm, Sweden (1st exhibition)
1991 – the Commercial centre him. J. Washington, Tokyo, Japan
1992 – Gallery "Тегнерлунген", Stockholm, Sweden (2nd exhibition)
1992 – the State ethnographic museum (St.-Petersburg). "PARA-REALISM"
2001 - the Showroom at ЦБС the Moscow area (St.-Petersburg). «Smothering plus colour»
2004 - the Exhibition in gallery "Astrosoftware" (St.-Petersburg). Water colour collages and a drawing.

Works are in private collections:
Russia, England, Germany, Latvia, Finland, France, the USA, Japan. The information on works - in electronic catalogues of Russia, England, Germany, Latvia, Finland, France, the Catalogue – "INTERFERENCES", Art of the Western Berlin 1960-1990, Center of art of a name of S.P.Djagileva, publishing house "Спиритис" Riga 1992.

About the artist and his creativity:
The first exhibition has taken place in 1987. In the schedule for the first time Alexey tested in 2001. «My credo – to represent that that I feel, without inventing, a hand-imagination. Instinctively I aspire to certain запределу. My motives – the Nu, religious, antique, motives of the live and lifeless nature, motives of masks and many other things» / and. Pojaganov/.

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