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Marcinkyavichute Milena

Was born:
In 1982, Panevezhis (Lithuania).

1998-2003 - Panevezhis conservatory;
2003 - 2007 - Shauliaj university, a speciality audiovisual art.
At present, professionally is engaged in design, music and audiovisual art.

Since 2006, Milena constant participant of the many regional exhibitions, festivals, konkursov.
2007 - a personal exhibition photomontage "Sotto vocce", which passed in Panevezhis and Kaunas.

Works of the master are:
In private assemblies of Lithuania.

Style of the work:
Most of all work Milena are executed in genre hiring. Pictures of the artist, bright and attractive for glance.
Experiment e and creation of its genre painting, here is that selects Milena.

Under this reference you can pass in gallery of pictures Marcinkyavichute Milena.

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