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Krasausiene Janina

Krasausiene Janina

Place of living:
Lithuania, Shilute.

In 1967г. Has acted in Art institute which has finished in 1972г.
On a speciality the designer. Worked as the designer, artist- designer, the artist of the House of fashion Niyole, the designer of a suit on a film studio. As works independently, as the artist-landscape writer.

The artist has created about 2500 pictures, has lead 14 personal exhibitions.

Style of works:
Yanina Krasauskiene - not the passionless observer transferring on a cloth a condition of weather, illumination, color and light of the sea and the sky. It fixes a condition of soul of the person who entirely has given elements of the sea, and involves the spectator in this condition.
The mighty elements of the sea find the unforgettable embodiment owing to inexhaustible creative energy of the fragile, graceful woman - Janina Krasauskiene.

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