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Vishnevsky Andrey

Vishnevsky Andrey is a member of the International Federation of Artists, UNESCO, since 1994.

Vishnevsky Andrey

Place of living:
Andrey Vishnevsky lives and works in Moscow.

He is educated in the field of cultural science and holds a degree in theory of culture after defending his thesis "The Theory of culture". Andrey Vishnevsky is also an author of a great number of articles on sociological and cultural issues.

Exhibitions and collections:
Andrey Vishnevsky is a frequent participant in various art exhibitions. He has exhibited his works in Russia, Germany, Portugal, France, USA, Japan, Finland, Italy and Cyprus.

2004 Personal exhibition The Moment of Alerting in A.S. Pushkin Museum in Moscow.
2004 Participating in the art exhibition of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kiev, Ukraine, at the so called Autumn Charity Ball.
2003 Participatiing in art exhibition in Festival of arts, Museu da Agua, Lisbon, Portugal.
2002 Personal exhibition in gallery Bukkenmire, Uberlingen, Germany.
2001 Personal exhibition at the British Council, Kiev, Ukraine.
2000 Participating in art exhibition Russian Avant-garde, gallery Beau Sejur, Lisbon, Portugal.
1999 Participating in the art exhibition Music in the fine arts, New York and Las Vegas arranged by gallery Almari, USA.
1998 Participating in art exhibitions Art from Russia in Konstanz and Modern Russian art in Dresden, Germany.
1996 Participating in art exhibition of Russian painting in gallery Hirotoku, Kyoto, Japan.
1994 Participating in art exhibition of Moscow artists in Perpinian, France.
1993 Personal exhibition, Neomodernism in gallery Expo-88, Moscow.
1992 Participating in art exhibition "The Female portrait" in Munich, Germany.
1991 Participating in a series of exhibitions of young Moscow artists in Bulgaria, Italy and Russia.

More about the artist:
Andrey Vishnevsky cooperates with galleries in Russia, Germany, Portugal, Japan, USA and Lithuania. In his spare time he teaches painting, composition and aesthetic development.