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Mashkov Mihail

President Lithuanian to assotiations of the followers of the russian artistic school.
Member of the Union artist Russia.

Was born:
In 1946, Perm area ( Russia).

the Formation:
In 1970 has finished Smolenskiy state pedagogical institute .
Since 1990, a member of the Union artists Russia.

Participation in exhibition:
1983 - Lithuanian republican exhibition of the fine arts, Vilnius.
1985 - Personal exhibition, Vilnius.
1987 - all-Union art exhibition "Always on the alert", Moscow.
1991 - Exhibition of the fine arts in a Amsterdam.
1993 - Exhibition of the fine arts in a to Nice (France).
2005 - Smolensk regional art exhibition "Plener 2005", Smolensk.
2006 - First international festival of a landscape, Minsk.
2007 - International art exhibition "Person fine", Minsk.
2007 - International exhibition "Person and a wheel", May, Belarus, Minsk, Gallery of state library "Crystal".
2007 - Smolensk regional art exhibition "Plener 2007 ", Smolensk.

2006 Michail Mashkov was the head of a creative plener of Smolensk artists "Smolensk - Vilnius".

Working the master are found:
In gallery and quotient collection Belarusii, Russia, Israel, France, Lithuanias, Holland.

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