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Kostiuchenko Vassily

Kostiuchenko Vassily

Vassily Kostiuchenko is considered to be one of the most talented modern artists in Belarus.
Not long ago one of his paintings was sold at the famous auction house “Christies” in London.

More information on the painting sold at “Christies”.

We are very proud to present his works to you in our gallery.

Date of birth:
Was born on 25 February 1953 in the village of Vassilievka, Gomel Region. Now living and working in Minsk

He is a member of the Belarusian Union of Artists.

Exhibitions and collections:
Kostiuchenko's paintings are kept in the Belarusian Museum of Fine Arts, in the funds of the Belarusian Union of Artists, in the Museum of Modern Arts (Minsk), in the Picture Gallery of Vologda, in the Mogilev Regional Museum of Fine Arts and in the private collections of Russia, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Poland, France, Great Britain, Japan and Lithuania.

Said about Kostiuchenko:
The art critic Nikolay Pogranovsky, Chief Keeper of the Belarusian National Museum of Fine Arts, writes of him: "Vassily Kostiuchenko is one of those Belarusian artists who managed to escape from the influence of the pseudo-academic tradition. His pictures do contain figures of expression, though with Kostiuchenko they are of a different nature. In his pictures they become part of the composition, an inalienable artistic component. The idea of filling the canvases with the local colour spots may evoke certain associations with Fauvist painting, yet I presume, the motivation here is different. On the one hand, the artist borrows certain European experience, and on the other, he makes use of the potentials that are never provided by the academic painting experience. In his pictures, a painter's drive for expressiveness is often held back by the use of a dominating local colour (usually it's red) which can vary in hues infinitely, being smoothly "transferred" from one canvas to another. The expansion of the red colour is a peculiar characteristic of many of Kostiuchenko's works making the viewer perceive them as a series in which the painter narrates the "story in the red colour" of varying tones". One critic once said: "Confusion is the strong point of a Slav painter…". Confusion, absence of rational assurance and the desire to experience the surrounding world emotionally are the characteristic features of Vassily Kostiuchenko's works. He favours incompleteness of expression. And once the artist escapes from the "rationale" of the canvas, he tends to place big, colourful spots on it. Then the subject line becomes virtually invisible and a kind of diffusion takes place, with Her Majesty the Art being fully involved.”

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