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Kalinina Olga

Was born:
In 1961 in Russia. Lithuania lives and works in Visaginas.

Education and work:
In 1989 has finished institute of decoratively - applied art, Lvov (branch-art textiles).
The cold batik works in the technician.

The Artist about the creativity:
I was involved always with a thin graphic line which slides on a fabric, as light and good way.
Some last years in the creativity I am engaged in the analysis of the form, colour and a line, as space and time symbols.
Everything that is put in each work is a knowledge of the world, secrets of life, a universe...
I aspire, that works were original and musical - where colour and a line are built in a melodious sound number.
The problem of the artist - to push the spectator to spiritual work, forcing to stray on labyrinths of white lines and own subconsciousness, where Names, are one of set of variants of the answer.
The basic creative directions:
„Flowers in an interior“, „Secrets of sea depths“, "Universe", „the Universe and the person“, "Artistic image", "Icons".
Creation of a collection of ties, scarfs, scarfs, dresses, skirts, blouses. Some triptyches - „Three graces“, "Seasons", "Inspiration", "Love".

Vilnius: 1994 gallery "Medals", 2003г. - Diet Gallery, 2004г. - „The Casino of Planets“
Ignalina: 1999г., 2002г.
Ronebiu (Sweden): 1995г.
Karlsruna (Sweden): 1996г.
Kristianstad (Sweden):1998г.
Visaginas: 1993г., 1994г., 1997г., 1998г., 2000г., 2002г., 2003г., 2005., 2007г., 2008г.

Works are stored in private collections:
Europe, Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States.

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