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Daniliuk Olga

Was born:
In 1983.
Lives and works in Belarus (Brest).

In 2005 has ended the Brest State University of A.S.Pushkin on a speciality «Is art-graphic disciplines».

2005 - opening of an exhibition "Mood" where a series of the first works of Olga Daniljuk in the technician a batic has been presented has taken place.
since 2006 Olga is a member of the International batic-club.
April, 2006 – a personal exhibition "Tsvetorifmy" (Brest)
May, 2006 – participation in an exhibition "Jazz" (Minsk)
February, 2007 – Participation in an exhibition of female city crafts «Secret of female soul» (Brest).
2007 - 2 place in competition of a drawing "ABC-BOOK".
August, 2007 - participation in Jagelonsky fair (Lublin, Poland)
December, 2007 - 3 place in virtual competition "Izjumitelnye of a cat"
April, 2008 - the winner of competition "Krysota" (эл. Art magazine "ARIFIS")
April, 2008 - the winner of the award "GOLDEN ARIFIS", it is awarded for the valuable contribution to formation and magazine "ARIFIS" development.
April, 2008 - participation in a batic and ceramics exhibition "the colour Form" ( Minsk)

Artist about the creativity:
Now I the free artist. I am engaged in a batic, a pastel, DPI etc. I Expose works in virtual galleries.

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