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Bespalova Irina

Irina Bespalova graduated in 1976 with a degree in architecture and art.
From 1978 to 1989 she worked as a painter-decorator. 
She is in a permanent search for her unique painting style, and devotes all her spare time to creativity.
The paintings of this talented artist can be seen on the walls of Russian restaurants,
in Vilnius’s cafes and in the private residences in the heart of Vienna as well as on the facades of various residential and administrative buildings.
Irina Bespalova uses various painting techniques such as oil painting, acrylic on canvas and silk,
batik and painting on fabric to name a few. She paints in both realism and abstract styles. 
Her works create an exceptional accent and play an active role in the interior design and attract the connoisseurs of fine still life and delicate paintings on silk in a variety of topics.
The bright energy of her works positively conciliates the viewers and creates a truly uplifting ambience and spirit.
The artist’s ability to blend various techniques and combine different styles would pleasantly surprise even the most demanding audiences.
The energy of the cheerful colours used by this talented painter will definitely make her works stand out from the crowd of others and be long remembered!

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